Our Impact

Mentor Path empowers students from underrepresented and low income communities to discover their passions, achieve their career goals, attend top universities, and receive scholarships to meet most or all of their financial needs.

Underrepresented and low income students do not have access to the right guidance, programs, or resources that adequately guide and prepare them for higher education. As a result, many ambitions students are rejected or don’t apply to selective programs. In reality, universities want to promote equal access a diverse student body – and it’s often more affordable and higher ROI for these students to attend a selective program versus a local 4-year or 2-year college.

Our comprehensive program has helped thousands of students from diverse circumstances achieve their college and career goals. Our students are accepted to top schools at 4x the national average and have received millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid.


Our Results

of our students get into a top 100 school

more likely to get accepted on average

of students are ethnic minorities

of our students received financial support (41% received significant financial support) for Empowerly’s programs

of families receiving significant financial support are First Generation US Students

of financial support given to students participating in Empowerly’s programs

The Benefits of College Education for

Under-Represented and Low Income Students


Over one-third of all undergraduates in the US are first-generation students, and nearly 60% of them are the first in their families to pursue higher education. Unfortunately, these students often attend schools lacking the necessary resources to guide them through the challenging terrain of college admissions. Consequently, they must navigate applications, financial aid, and postsecondary coursework independently. This situation leads to a disproportionate number of high-achieving students enrolling in less-selective colleges due to the lack of guidance on admissions and the higher costs associated with attending more prestigious institutions. 

Going to these top universities are much more cost effective for low income students, offer a higher ROI, and are often time cheaper than their local 2-year or 4-year college. Students attending top universities like MIT, Caltech, and Stanford benefit from, on average, a high ROI of over $100,000 or more over a 10-year time period, along with a median debt of $15,000 or less and a median 10-year earning amount of $70,000 or more. Moreover, many universities have implemented policies to offer full financial and academic assistance to academically excellent students, irrespective of the barriers they may face. Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia, for instance, provide full financial aid to households below a specific income threshold, while other universities offer full-ride or full-tuition scholarships to National Merit Scholarship Finalists or Semi-Finalists.

Aiming for a top university becomes more affordable compared to attending a public school or community college, ensuring students enjoy a strong Return on Investment while accessing the abundant resources and networking opportunities provided by these prestigious institutions.


The Return on Investment of Diversity for Society


Embracing diversity in educational institutions and the workplace brings forth a myriad of economic advantages. Studies have consistently shown that diverse teams and organizations outperform homogeneous ones. By tapping into a diverse talent pool, we can unlock fresh perspectives, foster innovation, and enhance problem-solving capabilities, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Unfortunately, the recent repeal of affirmative action policies has had a discernible impact on the diversity of top universities and subsequently the leadership positions and influential roles those universities help shape. A decline in diversity can lead to missed opportunities for individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, exacerbating socio-economic disparities and hindering societal progress. As a case study, the University of California system has spend half a billion dollars of private and taxpayer dollars trying to rectify diversity issues after it repealed affirmative action policies two decades ago, with mixed results.

Addressing the diversity gap at its core, by investing in adequate and scalable K-12 personal development programs, can be a transformative and cost effective strategy. By providing quality education, mentorship, and opportunities for growth to students from underrepresented backgrounds, we equip them with the tools to succeed, realize their potential, and contribute positively to society. 


A Few of Our Students’ Acceptances

Success Stories

College Outcomes

Empowerly helped me get accepted to MIT Launch summer program (<10% acceptance rate), start my own environmental nonprofit, and intern with Dr. June Flora at Stanford University. I worked with Empowerly on over 50 essays and finished all of them by November. I was accepted to Columbia, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, USC, and more. I also have a deeper insight about my career and the impact I want to make in the world.



The Empowerly RSP counseling sessions were very helpful in guiding me through the necessary steps for my research. Especially with the help of my counselor, I was able to find various research topics that I am interested in. Overall, I felt that the one-on-one sessions were accommodating where I was able to talk freely about my interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc.



My experience with Empowerly was great! They have a lot of helpful resources such as a bank of sample college essays for different colleges. They also have an amazing research team that is able to answer almost any question you have! For example, they can compile a list of scholarships or internships for you personally. My counselor was hard-working and was able to go through essays for more than 17 colleges with me!



As the first member of my family to apply to American Universities, Empowerly and my counselor have played a tremendous role in helping me walk through the entire process. My counselor’s great amount of knowledge in college admissions gave me a new perspective in this process and she always made sure that I am on track. Empowerly’s services had also helped me land an internship and improve my writing.



My counselor has been extremely patient and supportive with the college and scholarship application process. She helped me improve greatly at articulating my thoughts and being a more concise writer, and I’m very proud of the essays I have since produced! She is also awesome at working around my busy schedule and keeping me on track. I’m extremely grateful; with her guidance, I got into my top-choice school. I highly recommend joining Empowerly!



Internship Matching Program

Our unique internship matching program provides students with an opportunity to explore careers, develop professional skills, work with globally-minded companies, and complete projects designed to support the company and strengthen the students’ resumes.

Internships Opportunities

Students who participate in the Startup Internship program benefit from real-world experience in industries such as

  • Education technology
  • Communications and social media
  • Education
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Nonprofit
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer hardware

with over 45 startups to match with throughout the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Research Scholar Program

As a part of our Research Scholar Program, students are paired with researchers from renowned universities to create an independent research project with the potential to publish a research paper.

Examples of student publications include

Harvard Science Research Conference
The National High School Journal of Science
Journal of Emerging Investigators
Columbia Junior Science Journal
Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and Society
Cornell Undergraduate Economic Review